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PBS LearningMedia

Includes over 35,000 digital resources available for educational use. It is a free, on-demand service for educators that provides easy access to classroom-ready learning resources. IPTV has an expansive library of local resources; with the support of the ICN, IPTV will be able to upload content, making it readily available to educators and students inside and outside of the classroom.


Iowa Distance Learning Database

The Iowa Distance Learning Database (IDLD) provides access to distance learning opportunities in the state of Iowa for both K-12 and higher education. You can also get information about the interactive video
classroom facilities and how to schedule a room.

Iowa Learning Online

This site is designed to help local school districts expand learning opportunities for students.


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Discontinued Education Series for 2013-2014

The following series, which will no longer air on IPTV, have expired duplication/retention rights. If you received a copy of one of the following series from your AEA or from IPTV, please erase the contents by the respective date

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