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About IPTV K-12 Connections

Each year, approximately 50,000 students and educators participate in educational experiences offered by Iowa Public Television (IPTV) using the video classrooms of the Iowa Communications Network (ICN). ICN Technology makes it possible for instructors and learners physically separated by location to participate in interactive educational events in an efficient and cost-effective manner that is also a lot of fun.

IPTV K-12 Connections offers complete online registration and support. Teachers are able to learn about session offerings, register for sessions and check the progress of the registration directly from this Web site.

Registrations are processed in the order the events occur and in the order registrations are received. This will help the scheduling staff be as efficient as possible. Requests will not be taken if a session is full or if the registration deadline is past. In most cases the registration deadline is one week prior to the event. Teachers will receive an email message when the registration request has been processed.

IPTV K-12 Connections invites you to take a few moments to explore the pages of this Web site. We hope you find the information helpful. Questions and comments can be forwarded to the K-12 Coordinator, Trista Peitzman ( She can also be reached at (800) 532-1290.

Mission Statement

The mission of IPTV K-12 Connections is to provide Iowa's K-12 educators and students access to unique opportunities to participate in distance learning experiences via the Iowa Communications Network (ICN). ICN Technology makes it possible for instructors and learners, physically separated by location, to participate in interactive educational events in an efficient and cost-effective manner. IPTV K-12 Connections strives to offer high quality interactions that are relevant to Iowa's K-12 curricula and connect to national education standards. While providing support and resources for educators and students, IPTV K-12 Connections is committed to the continued enhancement of distance learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I videotape an IPTV K-12 Connections ICN session to view with my students at a later date?
  2. No, IPTV K-12 Connections ICN events offered through IPTV may not be videotaped. Sessions are not routinely videotaped for the following reasons. First, the sessions are designed to be interactive. Second, in order for the sessions to be taped and made available for distribution, appearance release forms would need to be received from EVERY STUDENT involved as well as from the program presenter. Since the sessions may involve as many as 300 students per hour-long session this would not be practical. Third, IPTV does not have the staff or equipment to efficiently duplicate videotapes. Repeat ICN sessions are offered whenever possible to try and accommodate various school and class schedules.

  3. Is there a charge for the ICN sessions?
  4. IPTV and the ICN provide unique educational opportunities at NO COST to PK-12 students and the adults working with/or on behalf of PK-12 students in Iowa, saving both student learning time and real-time field trip costs. However, when students don't show up for a scheduled session, IPTV must pay for an empty room and in many cases, another school is denied the opportunity to interact, since the total number of sites involved is often limited to ensure the experience is truly interactive.

  5. What if I am unable to attend my scheduled session?
  6. If a school must cancel participation in an IPTV K-12 Connections ICN session, IPTV should be notified at least THREE WORKING DAYS in advance. Early notification allows IPTV to cancel the school's ICN video classroom from the session and avoid receiving ICN charges for an empty room. Last minute weather related or emergency cancellations should be phoned in to Debbie Wineland at (800) 532-1290 or (515) 725-9700. Even though the ICN site can not be cancelled with a late notification, the call will let the presenter know not to expect students on-site.

  7. May we "sit in" and watch the session, or are we expected to "do" something?
  8. The majority of IPTV K-12 Connections ICN sessions are developed to be highly interactive. Students should come prepared with questions or comments relevant to the topic. The event detail page for each session provides a description of the event and any prerequisites. To help teachers prepare their students, guides to resources and relevant Web links are provided when available. Please review the materials with students so that they may prepare insightful questions or comments.

  9. How do I remain current on upcoming ICN events?
  10. The K-12 Calendar on the Iowa Distance Learning Database provides up-to-date information on upcoming IPTV K-12 Connections ICN events. You can also sign up for various IPTV Educators eNews to receive updates by email.

  11. Are classroom resources available for each session? When will I receive the materials?
  12. Classroom resources are available for select sessions. Some classroom resources are available on the IPTV K-12 Connections Web site for teachers to download and print off at any time. Links to teacher guides/materials are provided in the session's event detail page. To access this page, click on the desired event title from the K-12 Calendar. For sessions already conducted, click on the Classroom Resources button on the top black banner bar on the IPTV K-12 Connections Web site. Materials are intended to extend the ICN session. It is impossible for materials to be mailed out any sooner than a week ahead of time as the teacher registrations are not final until a week prior to the session. Most events now have links to as well. This will allow you to search for materials that will compliment IPTV K-12 Connections events.

  13. We have more than one teacher/class attending the ICN event. Can you mail us extra ICN extension activity packets or books?
  14. IPTV will send out only ONE packet of extension activities to each ICN site per session. Costs and manpower associated with supplies and mailing prevent us from sending multiple copies to individual sites. Remember that the contents of the mailed extension packets are NOT vital to participation in the ICN event. Frequently, books are also sent out as a part of the extension packets. The selected book is only one example of an appropriate book to be used as an extension to the ICN event. Feel free to substitute another book title where appropriate.

  15. Our school's ICN room is often occupied when we want to participate in an IPTV K-12 Connections event. Why can't the events be scheduled to fit into our school's ICN schedule?
  16. IPTV K-12 Connections is a program that is offered statewide. Sessions are scheduled both in the morning and in the afternoon in an effort to accommodate various school and presenter schedules. Even if the school's ICN video classroom is consistently busy with semester-long classes, many schools are willing to change the class schedule to allow for a one-time use. Check with the school's ICN site contact and/or school administrators to discuss this option. Schools may also elect to bus students to the next closest, available ICN video classroom. IPTV can assist in finding an alternative site.

  17. What if I experience technical difficulties in the ICN room? >
  18. Keys to a Successful Session will help teachers prepare for participation in an ICN session. If technical problems arise, please be patient. Many times the problem can be remedied within 5-10 minutes. To report a technical problem, use the fiber phone in the ICN classroom to call the ICN Classroom Operations Center by dialing 242-3182. The session's facilitator will also work to solve the problem. Please be sure to answer the fiber phone in your ICN room if it rings. The phone call may be from someone trying to reach you in regard to the session.

  19. Why was my registration denied?
  20. The requested ICN video classroom may have been previously scheduled for another session or activity, or the ICN session may have exceeded the registration limit of participants. Often times, additional session offerings for popular events are scheduled to accommodate high demand for a particular program.

  21. How do I host an ICN event at my school?
  22. Many of the IPTV K-12 Connections offerings could be replicated and shared with several other schools at a minimal cost. If you would like more information, contact Trista Peitzman,

  23. Is training available on using the ICN video classroom?
  24. Yes, free training on how to use an ICN classroom is available from the ICN. These sessions are scheduled at your convenience and are held in your ICN classroom. For more information and to schedule your small group session, please contact ICN Service Desk at 800-572-3940 or

Need further information? Contact Trista Peitzman or Debbie Wineland by calling 800-532-1290.

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