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Keys to a Successful Session

We hope the following notes will help teachers make the most of their ICN sessions.

Registration Confirmation
It is very important to check that your registration has been confirmed. It generally takes up to one week to complete the scheduling process.

Get Prepared
To help teachers prepare students we have provided links and guides to resources when available. Please review the materials with students so they have some insightful questions or comments ready for when they are called upon.

Press Release
To help publicize these special events, we have provided some general press releases that can be customized and distributed to your local newspaper or TV station. Also, read
"A Shoestring Media Guide to Promoting Your ICN Event".

Student Writing Activity
As a writing activity, have students write press reports and articles after the ICN session and distribute them to your local paper. Students can also write articles for classroom, school or school district newsletters.

ICN activities are ideal ways to showcase some of the innovative things students are doing. You are strongly encouraged to invite guests to join you, such as school board members, legislators, community leaders, local press, parents, and administrators. If there is someone in your community connected to the subject of the video session, ask them to come along to provide an extension experience.

Know your ICN classroom
If you are not familiar with how the video classroom equipment works you can print the
Distance Learning Basics Handbook. It is important you discuss microphone etiquette with students. If you still have questions, contact your ICN site facilitator or regional scheduler for advice. It is always a good idea to contact the site facilitator ahead of time to inform them when you will be using the ICN classroom, to ask for additional chairs if necessary, to make sure the room is unlocked, and that the equipment will be turned on. Remember to make other necessary arrangements, like transportation, teacher substitutes, parent volunteers or rearrange lunch times.


Be on Time
It is impossible to schedule a statewide event to suit everyone's bell schedule. However, we do hope teachers can make the necessary arrangements to get their students to their ICN classroom a few moments before the scheduled start time. ICN etiquette demands that a presenter wait until everyone expected has arrived. They will be checking from the origination site. Time wasted waiting is time lost for everyone.

Hands off the Microphones
Please instruct students not to key microphones at any time until invited to do so, especially when coming into or leaving the room. You may not catch the students’ comments, but everyone else will! Plus, it is difficult for the origination site to keep control when being interrupted.

Stay to the End
Leaving before the end - although sometimes unavoidable - is discourteous to everyone. Teachers are expected to stay with their students throughout the session.

It is your responsibility to let the program providers know if your class will not be attending, so we can offer the opportunity to another school. Inform Marcia at - or phone (515) 725-9700 or (800) 532-1290, no less than four days prior to the event. (ICN special opportunities are very popular, and are made available at no charge to schools. However, the resources used to produce them are considerable.)

Technical Difficulties
In the event of technical difficulties that cannot be remedied locally, call 242-3182 (on the classroom fiber phone, or 515-242-3182 from a regular phone) for assistance from the IPTV Classroom Operations Information Center. Please try not to interrupt the presentation.

It is important to hear your comments so we can continue to improve our program. Teachers who have registered for IPTV produced events may fill out an on-line evaluation. We thank you in advance for responding.

Send us your
comments or suggestions anytime.

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