DATE: February 2, 1995

TO: ICN Video Sites and Users

FROM: Dr. Robert Baur, Chair of the Iowa Telecommunications and Technology Commission

SUBJECT: ICN Video Site Use Fee

On behalf of the Iowa Telecommunications and Technology Commission (ITTC), I wish to commend Iowa Communications Network (ICN) video sites and users for their hard work and collaboration in making our telecommunications network a success. We recognize that such efforts have resulted in making the ICN a vital resource in providing enhanced educational opportunities for students and lifelong learning opportunities for all Iowans.

The ITTC members also recognize that with ever-increasing use of the ICN video sites, many ICN hosts institutions are having to bear real and significant costs associated with the management and operations of the ICN sites, in many cases for use by groups outside their own institution. Based upon input from the Education Telecommunications Council and ICN host sites, the ITTC determined that a site charge policy was needed. While the ITTC realizes that budgetary concerns may necessitate the assessing of site fees, the ITTC wishes to thank those ICN sites, which elect not to charge for use of the ICN room.

At the January 12, 1995, meeting of the Iowa Telecommunications and Technology Commission, the following Iowa Communications Network video site use fee policy was established. Pursuant to responsibilities granted to the ITTC in Iowa Code section 8D.13(12), the ITTC has determined the following:

1. An interim ceiling of $12.50 per hour for site use fee is established for ICN video sites. Such fee shall be for the purpose of recovering "operating costs" including costs associated with the management or coordination, operations, utilities, classroom use end monitoring, equipment, maintenance, and other costs directly related to providing the site. No additional fees may be assessed which are associated with the use of the ICN. However, charges for services such as duplicating print material, handing out papers, providing coffee, etc, may be negotiated between the host site (s) and the ICN requester

Site fees may not be assessed for:

a. K-12 uses and users during the hours of 7:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

b. Use of the ICN for official business of the ITTC, the Education Telecommunications Councils, or the Regional Telecommunications Councils.

2. Billing for site use fees shall be at the option and responsibility of the ICN receiving or originating site and shall be assessed to the program originator as identified on the ICN scheduling form.

3. Site use fees shall be in effect beginning with the summer semester of 1995 (May 22, 1995) until such time as modified by official ITTC action.

Exception to the above policy for spring semester 1995 requests:

Sites which have previously notified users of pending site use charges for the spring 1995 scheduling period may charge users at a rate not to exceed the $12.50 per hour. Notice must have been given to the requester prior to the October 28, 1994, scheduling deadline.

4. All sites planning to assess charges for site use must file a notice of intent to assess charges for site use, in writing, with the appropriate Regional Telecommunications Council and/or the ICN scheduling coordinator at Iowa Public Television. Such notice must be filed no later than the cutoff date for Part I scheduling reservations for the scheduling period in which charges will apply. Such notice must be filed for each subsequent scheduling period.

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