Costs for Using ICN Video Classrooms

Three types of charges are associated with using the ICN for distance learning:

1). ICN Time

The requester (authorized user that schedules the ICN video session) will receive a bill from the ICN for time involved in the video session. Only one bill is generated per video session. Charges are calculated per site per minute, based upon an hourly rate. Hourly ICN video rates vary and are dependent upon the type of authorized user. Each year at the September meeting, the Iowa Telecommunications and Technology Commission sets video rates for the upcoming fiscal year.

ICN Video Rates

2). Room Use Fees

The individual authorized user is responsible for determining when or if to charge a room use fee to others using their site. They may charge up to $12.50 per hour. Policy guidelines do not allow room use charges to be assessed during the daytime for uses of the network by K-12 users or for sessions involving a K-12 audience. See the Key ICN Site Scheduling Policies.

3). Other Potential Charges

Higher education institutions typically charge tuition fees for semester long classes. Some special events have registration fees. When semester classes are shared between K-12 schools, the schools involved usually negotiate with each other regarding additional class fees. Typically, they may include a charge back of ICN time, part of the teacherís salary, and any applicable materials or textbook costs.

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