1. END USER - Agency or institution that is an ICN authorized user according to Chapter 7 of the ITTC Administrative Rules and schedules video sessions on the ICN.

2. REQUESTER - ICN authorized user making a scheduling request using the ICN Video Scheduling Web-based platform.

Responsibilities include:

  • Schedule ICN session.
  • Promote session.
  • Modify session (change start/end time, change date, add or delete sites) by contacting the Regional or Institutional Scheduler.
  • Contact participants regarding any changes to the session.

3. REGIONAL or INSTITUTIONAL SCHEDULER - Person at the regional or institution level that receives ICN video scheduling requests from requesters.

Responsibilities include:

  • Receive and process all scheduling requests submitted through the ICN Video Scheduling Web-based platform.
  • Communicate scheduling information to end users.
  • Assist end users with the ICN video scheduling process.

4. ORIGINATE SCHEDULER/REMOTE SCHEDULER - Roles played by Regional and Institutional Schedulers during the In-Advance Scheduling process when scheduling sessions between regions.

Responsibilities include:

  • Work with end users and requesters to ensure that scheduling requests are in the proper form.
  • Negotiate resolution of site conflicts.

5. STATE SCHEDULERS - Employees of the ICN that coordinate the operation of the ICN video scheduling platform.


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