There are three scheduling processes used by ICN educational users to submit requests to schedule ICN video sessions. Following is a discussion of each of the processes. While the ICN is experiencing rapid growth through the completion of Part III sites, scheduling processes may change to respond to user needs. If you have questions about the processes or want to clarify current procedure, contact the Regional Scheduler or Regional Telecommunications Council Coordinator.

In-Advance Scheduling
This scheduling process is utilized by educational users to schedule ICN video sessions for upcoming semesters. Typically, sessions scheduled during this process are for semester long courses or continuing education. Deadlines for In-Advance scheduling begin approximately five months before a semester. In-Advance requests are not prioritized by time of receipt but are ranked according to regional priorities established by each Regional Telecommunications Council (RTC). Check with the Regional Scheduler for the most current information on regional priorities and In-Advance scheduling deadlines.

First Come - First Served Scheduling
This scheduling process is utilized when the deadlines for In-Advance scheduling have passed. Time of receipt of the scheduling request is the only priority during the First Come - First Served scheduling process. Policy requires that requests for ICN video sessions occurring in less than 48 hours, not including Saturday or Sunday, be scheduled using the On-Demand scheduling process.

On-Demand Scheduling
The On-Demand scheduling process is used for new requests or modifications to a session scheduled to occur in less than 24 hours, not including Saturday, Sunday and holidays. The user is required to call all sites to verify site availability and alert the site coordinator that an On-Demand request is in process. The request is not submitted through the ICN Video Scheduling Web site. Instead, the user makes the request by calling the IPTV Classroom Operations Center. Although this scheduling process does allow for same day scheduling, exact completion time will vary.

On-Demand Checklist
On-Demand Guidelines

Cancellation of an ICN Session
At the January 9, 2003, ITTC meeting the Commissioners approved the following new ICN video cancellation policy.


Cancellation Policy: The ICN recognizes that cancellation of previously scheduled sessions may occur. However, due to production preservation needs, the ICN requires that all cancellations, regardless of: (1) full session cancellation; or (2) cancellation of certain sites scheduled for a session, shall be cancelled by the requester/scheduler of the session at least 24 hours or more in advance of production excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Video sessions that are not cancelled in accordance with the new policy will be charged for the session. The Commission believes this new policy will more accurately reflect the current needs of video users.

Example: Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays will be treated the same as the next business day. Therefore, a session scheduled for 8 a.m. Saturday, Sunday, or Monday would have to be cancelled by 8 a.m. Friday.

As a reminder, the Administrative Rules state ICN sites should be available Monday through Saturday and lists the hours. There is no mention of Sunday, thus any session on a Sunday requires special approval. (For sites where the institution has used its own funding for the connection and the site equipment, the institution may permit or deny accessibility to other authorized users.)

If you have questions or comments concerning this new video cancellation policy, please contact the ICN Service Desk at 800-572-3940 or icnservicedesk@iowa.gov.

Although the new policy gives additional time to users that desire to cancel ICN sessions, ICN session requesters should continue to allow as much time as possible when modifying or canceling a session. It is preferable to make cancellation decisions 48 to 60 hours in advance of a session start time. Additional time is often needed for the following reasons:

  1. ICN sessions cannot be modified or cancelled by individual requesters. Persons wanting to cancel part or all of the sites in an ICN session must contact their ICN Regional Scheduler or Statewide Scheduler to request modification or cancellation of an ICN session.
  2. The ICN’s Web-based VOSS scheduling software will not be immediately able to handle this change from 48 hours to 24 hours notice. Regional Schedulers will need to contact the ICN by phone to cancel the session.
  3. Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays* are not business days for Regional Schedulers, Statewide Schedulers, or other ICN staff. Extra time will be needed to cancel sessions scheduled for Sunday or Monday, as well as days following a holiday. The ICN must be notified by the appropriate time on Friday to cancel sessions scheduled for Sunday or Monday.

* Holidays include the following: New Years’ Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. In cases where these holidays occur on a weekend, the “holiday” will be considered the designated day recognized by the State of Iowa.

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