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K12 Connections Teacher Survey

Directions: Select the choice that best matches your reaction to the following statements.

1. The content of the K-12 Connections ICN event was appropriate to my school/district curriculum.
1    2    3    4   
2. Please explain how you incorporated this session into your current studies.
3. My students benefited from this experience.
1    2    3    4   
4. I utilized the supplemental classroom resources provided by K-12 Connections.
Select all that apply

  Teacher Guides (provided for selected sessions)
  Children’s Books (provided for selected sessions)
  IPTV Program Suggestions (provided online for all sessions)
  Web Site Links (provided online for all sessions)
  I did NOT utilize any of the supplemental classroom resources.

5. Comments, suggestions and/or ideas for future events:
If you would like us to respond to your input, please include your name, phone number and/or email address. Without this information, IPTV will not be able to respond to your comments.
Technical difficulties experienced in any ICN session should be reported to the Operations Center at 515-242-3182.

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