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  • Rhubarb (#101)

    Rhubarb is a popular Iowa spring treat. Host Charity Nebbe introduces us to a rhubarb grower in Morse, Iowa. Then Chef Matt Steigerwald from the Lincoln Cafe in Mount Vernon demonstrates rhubarb's sweet and savory sides in the IPTV kitchen. [25 minutes]

  • Elk (#102)

    Low in fat and cholesterol with great flavor, elk meat is a little-known delicacy in Iowa. In her search for ingredients that make Iowa uniquely Iowa, host Charity Nebbe visits the Wildlife Lakes Elk Farm in the southeast corner of the state near Burlington. Atlas Restaurant chef James Adrian from Iowa City shares a savory recipe using elk meat. And finally, learn how a feathery African native is being featured in Iowa restaurants. [29 minutes]

  • Spinach (#103)

    An ingredient that’s not just for Popeye anymore, spinach is loaded with green goodness. In fact, it’s difficult to overestimate the nutritional powerhouse that is spinach. Join host Charity Nebbe on her her adventure to learn more about the leafy super-food. Visit Annie’s Gardens and Greens in in Fort Atkinson, and learn how spinach is not only readily available but also easily grown in Iowa. Chef Blake Landau of Newton's Paradise Cafe serves up a couple of delightful spinach dishes. And learn how several central Iowa volunteer groups partner together to plant a mile of produce at the Rinehart's Family Farm near Ogden. [35 minutes]

  • Gouda Cheese (#104)

    The cheese making process is part art and part science, especially for gouda cheese. On this episode of Iowa Ingredient, host Charity Nebbe learns more about the rich and flavorful characteristics of gouda cheese. Visit Frisian Farms outside of Oskaloosa and discover the work involved to make gouda cheese in the Dutch tradition. Chef Nickolas Illingworth of the Cheese Shop in Des Moines delivers a delectable gouda sandwich and pasta dish. Also, find out what Iowa bicycling and cuisine share in common. [28 minutes]

  • Blueberries (#105)

    Antioxident-rich, low in fat, and downright scrumptious, blueberries are the ideal treat. On her search for distinctive Iowa foods, host Charity Nebbe explores how blueberries are grown and used in Iowa. Join her in Nevada where she visits The Berry Patch. Afterwards Charity joins chef Walter Jahncke in the kitchen to sample some delicious blueberry treats. Finally, Napa Valley isn’t the only place in the U.S. making wine these days. Learn about the growth of winemaking in Iowa. [27 minutes]

  • Pork (#106)

    It’s the Iowa staple, but what about pork makes it one of the most savory ingredients in cuisine? On this Iowa Ingredient, Charity Nebbe visits one northwest Iowa pork producing farm that focuses on sustainability. Chef Enosh Kelley from Bistro Montage in Des Moines shares the secret to two unique pork recipes. And what is Iowa Ingredient without celebrating the annual Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival? [28 minutes]

  • Apples (#201)

    Iowa has over 140 apple orchards and almost every one of the apples grown at these orchards is actually sold in Iowa. Continuing her quest to discover tasty Iowa ingredients, host Charity Nebbe discovers the history and hard work involved in growing apples at an orchard in Council Bluffs. Chef Katie Routh from The Gathering Table in Orient shares some sweet recipes using Iowa apples. And we'll meet Beth Howard, author of "Making Piece." She lives and works in the American Gothic House in Eldon, teaching folks how to make pie. [37 minutes]

  • Garlic (#202)

    The aroma! The flavor! All over the world, garlic has been prized for its culinary uses. Many Iowa farms specialize in producing numerous kinds of garlic from mild and muted to tangy and spicy . Host Charity Nebbe looks into the wide-ranging flavors of gourmet garlic at Grade A Gardens outside of Johnston. Later, Charity joins chef Ryan Devitt in the kitchen to sample some savory garlic dishes. And finally, if there is one thing Iowa should be known for, it’s its Farmers Markets. Take a tour of a couple of the state’s farmers markets and learn more about their growth and popularity. [28 minutes]

  • Herbs (#203)

    Herbs play a major role in culinary cuisine. From chives to mint, every herb helps add complexity to the aroma and taste of almost every dish. Join host Charity Nebbe as she learns more about some of the savory herbs grown in Iowa. From cultivating herbs at Rolling Hills Greenhouse to cooking with them with chef Mattias Kriemelmeyer of Water Street Cafe, this episode of Iowa Ingredient shows how these small plants pack big flavor. [28 minutes]

  • Heavy Cream (#204)

    Rich, buttery, and essential for any number of dishes, heavy cream adds so much to so many delectable dishes. On her tour of Iowa farms, host Charity Nebbe takes in the sights of Picket Fence Creamery outside of Woodward. She then joins chef Rene Orduna of Dixie Quicks in Council Bluffs to learn about some creamy treats. Finally, take a look at how to can your own foods with a canning expert. [28 minutes]

  • Eggplant (#205)

    Don’t be fooled by this unassuming fruit. With its mild flavor and range of uses, eggplant is a food for culinary inspiration. Accompany host Charity Nebbe on her journey through Iowa farms, kitchens and restaurants. Find out how eggplant is grown at one Boone farm then join chef Nate Jiroutek from Zins Restaurant in Cedar Rapids as he creates some delectable eggplant dishes. And learn about a “rare” affair that takes place in Des Moines. [27 minutes]

  • Chestnuts (#206)

    Rich in flavor and, unlike other nuts, low in calories, chestnuts are a popular cool season treat. Take a tour of Red Fern Farm outside of Wapello with host Charity Nebbe. The farm specializes in a variety of tree crops including chestnuts. Chef Jason Simon of Alba Restaurant in Des Moines shares a twist on a traditional chestnut recipe. Afterwards, learn about local food co-ops in the state. [28 minutes]

  • Holiday Special (#301)

    Iowa Ingredient brings local home for the holidays in this special episode. Host Charity Nebbe explores the inspiring kitchens, winter gardens and the landscape right outside our back door to showcase the best Iowa has to offer in food and decorations. Pie bakers from “All About Pie” in Monroe, Iowa, teach viewers how to bake an impressive holiday-inspired pie while Personal Chef Gaby Wier serves up some creative holiday recipes. And even in the winter, Iowans can find fresh, local ingredients. Find out where and how the cold temps don’t always mean the end of fresh and local. Plus, Aaron Steil from Reiman Gardens in Ames teaches us how to make a wreath using greens and other Iowa-grown decorations. [41 minutes]

  • Strawberries (#302)

    Strawberries are a universal sweet treat that are usually ripe for the picking here in Iowa in June. One this special episode of Iowa Ingredient, we’ll visit a pick-your-own strawberry patch in Sanborn. Then Chef Andy Bonnet, from Rubaiyat restaurant in Decorah, cooks chocolate torte with fresh Iowa strawberries and a lovely jicama-strawberry salad in our studio kitchen. [28 minutes]

  • Beets (#303)

    These earthy vegetables come in unexpected colors with very distinct flavors. Beets are perhaps one of the most polarizing foods available. Everyone has their own opinion. On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe to learn more about the beet. We’ll visit Table Top farm in Nevada. Then Chef Katy Meyer of Trumpet Blossom Cafe in Iowa City will bring new flavors to life by adding a fresh twist to this vitamin packed root. [27 minutes]

  • Black Walnuts (#304)

    Visit a neighborhood backyard in Iowa, and chances are pretty good that you’ll find walnut trees. On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe to learn more about this local nut. We’ll visit an Iowa tree farmer who sells his walnuts all over the eastern part of the state. Then Chef Michael Baily from the Des Moines Embassy Club will share his secret to making a savory walnut dish. [28 minutes]

  • Eggs (#305)

    Farm-fresh eggs have gorgeous orange yolks and a delicious, rich flavor. They’re high in protein, packed with vitamin-D, and can be the essential ingredient to countless recipes. On this episode of Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe as she explores what it takes to raise chickens to get that perfect egg. Then we’ll stop in Bettendorf to sample the classic flavors of Ross’ Restaurant. Melissa Rodgers will join us in the kitchen to create a wholesome recipe using eggs. [28 minutes]

  • Tomatoes (#306)

    It’s hard to beat the taste of a freshly-picked, vine-ripe tomato in the middle of summer. Tomatoes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and the flavors can be just as varied and complex. On this episode of Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe as she learns more about the differences in tomatoes. We’ll visit farm outside of Grinnell to learn about heirloom varieties of tomatoes. Then Chef David Baruthio of Baru 66 in Windsor Heights brings an explosion of creativity in with some mouthwatering recipes. [28 minutes]

  • Trout (#307)

    Most seafood is at its best when it’s prepared and served as soon as possible. Being in the middle of the country, it can be hard to get a hold of fresh seafood in Iowa unless its flown in. But if you turn to Iowa’s lakes and streams, we suddenly have access to some wonderful tasting fish, including trout. On this Iowa Ingredient, we ll visit some world-renowned trout streams in northeast Iowa. Then Chef Rick Beaulieu from Bev’s on the River in Sioux City will create a savory tasting trout dish. [28 minutes]

  • Peppers (#308)

    From sweet and mellow to blistering hot, peppers take on a range of flavors. They’re easy to grow in Iowa’s fertile soil; you can freeze, can them, and they can be used in a variety of recipes. On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe as she explores world of peppers. We’ll visit a farm northwest of Cumming and learn the art of roasting chile peppers. Chef Lisa LaValle from Trellis at the Great Des Moines Botanical Garden will then delight our tastebuds with a few pepper dishes. [27 minutes]

  • Squash (#309)

    A cousin of the cucumber, and even the melon, the squash is a fall staple in many Iowa homes. On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe to learn more about squash. We’ll visit Hawk Valley Garden in Spencer to learn about the seemingly endless variety of squash. Then Chef Luke Squire from Three C Bistro in Charles City will serve up a delectable squash dish with an usual twist. [28 minutes]

  • Maytag Blue Cheese (#310)

    Acclaimed by cheese experts and foodies as one of America's finest blue cheeses, Maytag Blue Cheese is indeed one of the world's great cheeses. On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Chairty Nebbe to learn more about blue cheese. We’ll visit Newton to sample the creamy texture and rich flavor of Maytag Blue Cheese. Then Chef Daniel Knowles from Devotay in Iowa City shares his secret to cooking with this flavorful food. [27 minutes]

  • State Fair Special (#311)

    If there’s one thing the Iowa State Fair is known for, it’s the food. From corndogs to turkey drumsticks, everyone has a State Fair food favorite. On this special episode of Iowa Ingredient, host Charity Nebbe hits the Fairgrounds to take a closer look at our culinary affair with the Fair. Then she invites several State Fair food experts, including Bill Riley, to our studio kitchen to learn how to prepare Fair-inspired foods at home. Plus, we’ll sneak a peek at the famous Iowa State Fair cookbook. [27 minutes]

  • Family Holiday Special (#401)

    Celebrate the holidays with Iowa Ingredient as we gather together some of our Iowa Public Television “family” to cook dishes inspired by their holiday traditions. Dean Borg, Dan Wardell and Mike Pearson bring their own families to our studio kitchen to spread some holiday cheer. Host Charity Nebbe also welcomes her parents to the show to prepare a favorite family treat. [38 minutes]

  • Behind The Scenes Special (#402)

    Venture behind the scenes of Iowa Ingredient in this new special set to premiere during Festival 2015. Host Charity Nebbe shares challenges and delights encountered when IPTV producers put together a season of Iowa Ingredient episodes. From the taping of cooking segments with set decorating, dishwashing and chef rehearsals to fighting the weather on farmers’ outdoor shoots, Charity will take viewers behind the camera lens and inside the edit suites. We’ll also reveal a sneak peek at the fresh, new season of Iowa Ingredient episodes scheduled to premiere in April of 2015. Chefs from restaurants like Gusto Pizza in Des Moines and The Fruited Plain in Sioux Center will cook with a whole new batch of ingredients like raspberries, goat cheese and black beans. Join us in March for this tasty new Iowa Ingredient special. [53 minutes]

  • Carrots (#403)

    Vibrant in color, packed with flavor, and full of vitamins and minerals, the carrot is one of the more versatile foods you can pull out of the ground. On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe to learn more about the carrot from Iowa’s own “Carrot King.” Then chefs Jay Schworn and Eric Menzel, from Salt Fork Kitchen in Solon, will bring new flavors to life by creating some sweet and savory dishes using carrots. [28 minutes]

  • Kale (#404)

    Vitamin packed and nutrient-dense, kale is becoming THE superfood in America, but what do you do with it? On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe on her culinary tour of Iowa-grown foods as she visits a family farm outside of Dike to learn more about kale’s superstar status. Then chef Tag Grandgeorge, from Le Jardin in Des Moines, will stop by our studio kitchen to share some innovative ways to cook with this leafy green. [27 minutes]

  • Mushrooms (#405)

    The mushroom is an ingredient that comes in an amazing variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe as she explores the varied world of mushrooms. Visit Mushroom Mills outside of Columbus Junction to see how one grower is creating a booming mushroom business. Then chef Suman Hoque, from HoQ Restaurant in Des Moines, will serve up some unexpected ways to cook with this flavorful fungus. [27 minutes]

  • Beef (#406)

    Look across almost any part of Iowa’s landscape, and you’ll likely see cattle. With stunning Iowa pastures comes the stunning flavor of Iowa beef. On this episode of Iowa Ingredient, we’ll visit a ranch in Northwest Iowa, where Beth Cathcart raises her cattle with the greatest care and respect. Then chef Kurt Nyguard, of 1910 Grille in Mason City, will stop by our studio kitchen to bring his twist on a few beef recipes both elegant and flavor. [27 minutes]

  • Goat Cheese (#407)

    The French call it “chevre” and many folks in America do too. It s goat cheese, and being a versatile ingredient, it can add pizazz to a seemingly endless number of dishes. On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe to learn more about goat cheese as we peek in on some lucky goats living a charmed life in the Loess Hills at Honey Creek Creamery. Then a trio of talented chefs from Gusto Pizza in Des Moines will embrace the nuances of goat cheese with three tasty and clever dishes, when they cook with us in our studio kitchen. [28 minutes]

  • Melons (#408)

    What says summer better than a vine ripened, juicy melon? On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe to get the scoop on watermelon and other Iowa-grown melons. We’ll visit what was once called the “melon garden spot of the world” just outside Muscatine. Then the talented chef Robert Day, from the Faithful Pilot Cafe in Le Claire, will stop by our studio kitchen to impress us with his skills for creating unique dishes using melons. [28 minutes]

    • Fri, May 8, 6:30 PM on IPTV
    • Sat, May 9, 11:30 AM on IPTV
  • Raspberries (#409)

    A ripened raspberry packs an explosion of flavor and is among the sublime treats of summer. On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe on her culinary tour of the state. We’ll visit Edge of the Woods Raspberry Farm outside of Indianola to sample the sweet flavors of raspberries. Then coffee guru and talented cook, Laremy De Vries of the Fruited Plain Cafe in Sioux Center will stop by our studio kitchen to share some of his secrets to cooking with raspberries. [28 minutes]

    • Fri, May 15, 6:30 PM on IPTV
    • Sat, May 16, 11:30 AM on IPTV
  • Hazelnuts (#410)

    The hazelnut may not be the first nut you think of when it comes to eating or cooking, yet it is consumed all over the world and can take you on culinary journeys reserved for few other ingredients. On this Iowa Ingredient join host Charity Nebbe to learn what’s hidden inside this nut. We’ll examine the hazelnut and its part in Iowa agriculture by visiting Hazel Acres outside of Fenton. Then we’ll check out Restauration inside the Hotel Winneshiek in Decorah before inviting executive chef Tom Skold to our studio kitchen to teach us how to include hazelnuts in some tasty dishes. [28 minutes]

    • Fri, May 22, 6:30 PM on IPTV
    • Sat, May 23, 11:30 AM on IPTV
  • Black Beans (#411)

    Rich, flavorful, and extremely nutritious, black beans are one of the most widely eaten foods in the world, AND they actually grow quite well in Iowa. On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe to learn more about black beans. We’ll head to a family farm along the English River in eastern Iowa where the Grimms grow, dry, and market black beans. Then chef David Wieseneck, from Motley Cow Cafe in Iowa City, will stop by our studio kitchen to whip up some incredible recipes using black beans. [27 minutes]

    • Fri, May 29, 6:30 PM on IPTV
    • Sat, May 30, 11:30 AM on IPTV

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