As part of a global economy, Iowa products and services are used throughout the nation and the world. Choose a topic above to explore more about Iowa's business and industry.
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Business and Industry

J.W. Witmer & Company Insurance, Des Moines, Iowa. ca1885.Food for your cat or dog.
Breakfast snacks.
Aircraft flight controls.
Surveillance equipment.
Construction machinery.

People all over the world use these products. And all are made in Iowa.

Since early times Iowans have been involved in business and industry—the buying, selling and producing of goods and services. When people from Europe came to the land that became Iowa, native people sold them goods and services. The European settlers made some of their own products. They also bought items from businesses in Europe. As time passed, factories in the eastern part of America produced goods. Factories were built in Iowa too. Throughout the history of Iowa people all over the world have depended on products and services from Iowa.

Iowa's businesses and industries have changed over time. From grist mills and button factories to Global Positioning Systems and insurance services, discover how Iowa workers have adapted to new ideas.



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