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Challenge: The Order of Things

The Task:

Think of a book, movie, or documentary about an historical topic. Consider how the author used a sequence of events to tell a story. How did things begin? How did the story unfold over time? What was the conclusion? Is the story really finished?

Your task is to uncover a story based on a sequence of events over time in Iowa history. Choose a topic, theme, or issue. Work forward from some beginning to an end or outcome— or work backward from some issue, problem, or event to explain how it started and developed over time. Discover and explain why this story in history is important. How would things have worked out if part of the story had been different?

There are four steps to your Challenge:

  1. Write a Question for Investigation
  2. Plan Your Research
  3. Analyze and Organize
  4. Publish and Reflect

Example Question for Investigation: How did women in Iowa win the right to vote?

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