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Vintage Red Green Show

The almost-never-before-seen first season of The Red Green Show has been on the shelf since the early 90's, unavailable for broadcast. Now, these "vintage" episodes are coming out of the vault and are "new" for your Red Green fans. Setting the stage for a 15-year run on public television, these first 24 episodes see Red visit the lonely Ranger Gord; Hap's harrowing tales of working on a tiger ranch; and Red's earliest inventions, including a coffin made from a freezer, designed for thrifty mourners. And much more! See the very beginnings of the inimitable Possum Lodge and the unique characters reside there. With these 24 episodes, it's sort of like Red says, "We're not sure what this is ... but there's a lot of it." "Effectively and magnificiently spoofs the male ego" -The Detroit News.

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