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Grand View

Grand View

Acclaimed landscape painter Stefan Baumann's art reflects his commitment to ecology and the preservation of the natural environment. In THE GRAND VIEW, Baumann travels throughout North America, sharing his message and his art as he raises awareness for these causes. This new series takes viewers on a journey throughout America's National Parks system, where he shares his adventures and his passion for nature. The series showcases the art, insights and park experiences as Baumann hikes deep into the United States' most famous National Parks. Applying the realist theory of the old masters in his paintings, Baumann's treks encompass every aspect of the park, focusing on the plants, wildlife and the geologic and human history that have impacted the region.

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  • Yellowstone National Park (#101)

    Journey into Yellowstone and experience the geologic phenomena of the park's volcanic activity. [26 minutes]

  • Kings Canyon National Park (#102)

    Baumann hikes 25 miles and ascend 10,000 feet into the backcountry and paints the Rae Lakes. [26 minutes]

  • Lava Beds National Monument (#103)

    Baumann journeys into the lava tubes and cinder cone fields and paints a vista of Lava Beds. [26 minutes]

  • Channel Island National Park (#104)

    Baumann explores the beautiful National Park and paints the ocean view from San Miguel Island. [26 minutes]

  • Lassen Volcanic National Park (#105)

    Baumann meets a United States Geologic Survey researcher and paints Mount Lassen and Manzenita Lake. [26 minutes]

  • Yosemite National Park (#106)

    Baumann visits Vernal Falls to experience Mist Trail and the roar of the winter thaw. [26 minutes]

  • Crater Lake National Park (#107)

    Baumann meets a lake sediment researcher. and paints Wizard Island. [26 minutes]

  • Death Valley National Park (#108)

    Baumann treks into the mythical region known as Death Valley and paints 20 Mule Team Canyon. [26 minutes]

  • Pinnacles National Monument (#109)

    Baumann meets the Chief of the region's Native American Tribe and paints Pinnacles Reservoir. [26 minutes]

  • Sequoia National Park (#110)

    Baumann takes a trek into the botanical wonder of this park and paints a grove of sequoias. [26 minutes]

  • Grand Canyon National Park - North Rim (#201)

    Journey through the lesser known half of the canyon that offers a more lush environ of pine & aspen. [26 minutes]

  • Point Reyes National Seashore (#202)

    Explore one of the most diverse landscapes in American that features 330 species of animals. [26 minutes]

  • Mount Rainier National Park (#203)

    This geologically tenuous landscape has been shaped by volcanic activity. [26 minutes]

  • Olympic National Park (#204)

    Explore the park's glacier-capped mountains, magnificent old-growth trees & temperate rain forest. [26 minutes]

  • Joshua Tree National Park (#205)

    Explore this Desert oasis in southern CA, renowned for its sublime energy & beautiful landscapes. [26 minutes]

  • North Cascades National Park (#206)

    This beautiful park is home to jagged peaks, deep valleys, cascading waterfalls & over 700 glaciers. [26 minutes]

  • Great Basin National Park (#207)

    This episode explores one of the most unique phenomena in geology; Hexagonal pillars of Basalt lava that were revealed during the last Ice Age. Located in the Eastern Sierra, this rare and beautiful feature ranks as one of the world's finest examples of columnar basalt. The region reveals a volatile geologic history, with reminders bubbling up from the valley floor. Baumann interviews Park Superintendent, Deanna Dulen, and USGS geologist, Mike Clynne. Baumann reaches his destination, and paints the Minarets of the Sierras overlooking the park itself. [26 minutes]

  • Redwood National Park (#208)

    These magnificent trees live to be 2000 years old and grow to be over 300 feet tall. [26 minutes]

  • Devils Postpile National Monument (#209)

    In the Eastern Sierra, explore hexagonal pillars of basalt lava revealed during the last Ice Age. [26 minutes]

  • Golden Gate National Recreation Area (#210)

    Baumann interviews an Alcatraz prison guard and paints the dunes of Fort Funston and Ocean Beach. [26 minutes]

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