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Hubert Keller: Secrets of a Chef

Potato Heaven (#105)

A Potato, Shallot and Fresh Herb Pie, Fillet of Sea Bass in a Potato Crust & the perfect French Fry. [26 minutes] Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

PBS Video

Series Description: Marjorie Poore Productions introduces an exciting new cooking series featuring one of America's top celebrities in the cooking world. Chef Hubert Keller whose extraordinary on-air charisma and charm is matched only by the mouth-watering recipes that will keep viewers salivating and coming back for more week after week. Chef Keller's magical cooking reflects the many influences of the places he has lived; from his native Alsace with its legendary soups and stews to San Paulo, Brazil where the cuisine pulsates with exciting and bold flavors; to his long-time home in San Francisco where he is a leader of the city's culinary revolution; and finally to Las Vegas where he has pioneered a whole new concept of burger dining that has garnered worldwide recognition. Chef Keller starts with his most famous dishes and transforms them into easy-to-follow recipes, tailored especially for home cooks while demystifying important cooking techniques that are essential to good cooking.

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  • A Palates of Peppers (#101)

    Braised Sweet Bell Peppers Stuffed with Rice & Vegetables & Eggplant & Zucchini Pie are prepared. [26 minutes]

  • The Wonders of Wine (#102)

    Roasted Quail Stuffed with Swiss Chard and Pine Nuts with a Red Wine Thyme Reduction are prepared. [26 minutes]

  • The Essential Onion (#103)

    Caramelized Onion & Fava Bean Soup, Beef, Lamb & Pork Baecheoffe & a Burger with Arugula Pesto. [26 minutes]

  • Cabbage Unwrapped (#104)

    Red and Green Cabbage Salad, Stuffed Alsatian Savoy Cabbage and a Chow Chow Burger are prepared. [26 minutes]

  • Prime Cut (#106)

    Beef Tenderloin a La Ficelle, FleurBurger Kobe Beef, Foie Gras & Shaved Black Truffles are prepared. [26 minutes]

  • Salutes to Salmon (#107)

    Thinly Sliced Salmon Baked in Tender Corn Pancake and a savory salmon burger are prepared. [26 minutes]

  • Tuna Done Right (#108)

    Tuna Steak on a Fondue of Scallions and an Asian Tuna Burger Flavored with Ginger and Sesame Oil. [26 minutes]

  • Crazy for Crab (#109)

    Cream of Spinach with Coconut and Crab Meat Soup,Warm Crab and Haricot Vert Salad and Crab Burger. [26 minutes]

  • Mushroom Magic (#110)

    Wild Mushrooms, Mushroom and Goat Cheese Provencale and a Peppered Burger with Portobello Mushrooms. [26 minutes]

  • It's The Cheese (#111)

    Gruyere Puffs, Maine Lobster Macaroni and Cheese Stuffed Blue-Cheese Sirloin Burgers are prepared. [26 minutes]

  • Unforgettable Soups (#112)

    Garlic and Saffron Soup, Crab and Coconut Milk Soup and Carrot and Fresh Pea Soup are prepared. [26 minutes]

  • Chicken Favorites (#113)

    Chicken and Spinach Wraps with Hazelnut Sauce and Brazilian Chicken with Shrimps and Peanut Sauce. [26 minutes]

  • The Great Pies of France (#201)

    Luscious, savory pies include Alsatian Onion Pie, Pissaladerie and Tarte Flambee Alsaciene. [28 minutes]

  • Short Rib Sensation (#202)

    Red Wine Braised Shortribs, Short Rib Soup with Mushrooms and a Short Rib Surprise Burger are made. [28 minutes]

  • Party Perfect (#203)

    Goat-Cheese Stuffed Mini Potatoes, Stuffed Cucumbers and Lump Crab Meat and Tuna Tartare are served. [28 minutes]

  • Loving Lamb (#204)

    Braised Lamb Shank Provencal and Cumin-Scented Rack of Lamb in a Honey-Red Wine Sauce are served. [28 minutes]

  • Celebrating Salmon (#205)

    Mouth-watering recipes include Slow-Roasted Alaskan Salmon and Double Salmon Tartare Burger. [28 minutes]

  • Mad About Apples (#206)

    Recipes include Pork Chops with Sauteed Apples and Calvados Sauce and Henriis Apple Meringue Pie. [27 minutes]

  • Chicken 'round The World (#207)

    Tagine of Chicken with Prunes, Honey and Almonds, SLeeK Roaster Chicken and a Thai Chicken Burger. [28 minutes]

  • Crowd-Pleasing Paella (#208)

    Chef Keller prepares his favorite Paella, the Spanish national treasure, using fresh seafood. [27 minutes]

  • Souffle Secrets (#209)

    Grandma's Omelet Strawberry Souffle, Ham and Cheese Souffle and Chocolate Souffle are prepared. [28 minutes]

  • Back to the Future with Puff Pastry (#210)

    Roasted Chicken Pot Pie is dressed up with Madeira, onions and carrots and S'more Burgers are made. [28 minutes]

  • Phyllo Fun (#211)

    Goat Cheese Stuffed Phyllo and Pineapple and Dried Cherry Phyllo Packages are prepared. [27 minutes]

  • The Secret of Stock (#212)

    Savory Beef Broth, Shabu Shabu and a trendy Asian hot pot called Pot au Feu are showcased. [27 minutes]

  • Brunch Picks (#213)

    Layered Crepe Cake with Blueberries and Ricotta Cheese and a mouth-watering Breakfast Burger. [28 minutes]

  • Hats Off to Hollandaise (#214)

    Features Basic Hollandaise Sauce, Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict and Rib Eye Steak with Bernaise Sauce. [28 minutes]

  • Mustard Madness (#215)

    Rice-Encrusted Chicken Breast with Mushroom Mustard Sauce and Chicken Mustard Burger are prepared. [28 minutes]

  • Spotlight On Crusts (#216)

    Choucroute Crusted Salmon and Beef Tenderloin in Herb-Salt Crust are prepared. [28 minutes]

  • Mayonnaise Heaven (#217)

    Recipes include Homemade Mayonnaise, Aioli, Rouille, Zucchini Fries and Bouillabaisse. [28 minutes]

  • Outside The Meat Box: Wild Game (#218)

    Horseradish Crusted Venison Chops with Current Sauce and Muscovy Duck Breast with a Vanilla Sauce. [27 minutes]

  • Beer: Not Just for Drinking (#219)

    Recipes include Beer-Marinated Flank Steak, Beer-Battered Onion Rings and Chocolate Stout Cake. [28 minutes]

  • Curry Favorites (#220)

    Oven-Roasted Curried Pork Loin on Green Lentils with Sauteed Apples and a Veggie Curry Burger. [28 minutes]

  • Charcuterie 101 (#221)

    Recipes include savory Turkey Sausage, Pickled Vegetables and Charcuterie Platter. [28 minutes]

  • Simply Shrimp (#222)

    Recipes include Zucchini Wrapped Barbecued Shrimp and Shrimp and Salmon Ceviche. [27 minutes]

  • Home-Smoking Made Easy (#223)

    Juicy Smoked Trout, Smoked Trout Salad and Smoked Cornish Game Hens are served. [28 minutes]

  • Pepper It Up (#224)

    Peppered Salmon Roulade, Steak au Poivre with Mathurini Sauce and Peppered Burger are served. [28 minutes]

  • Verrine (#225)

    Pasta Salad with Pear, Mache Tomato-Zucchini Verrine, Croque Monsieur and Chocolate Verrine. [28 minutes]

  • Seafood Savvy (#301)

    Mussels in Basil White Wine Sauce, Rock Shrimp Burger and Peruvian Ceviche are served. [28 minutes]

  • Salads The French Way (#302)

    Mixed Green Salad with Pear, Almonds and Cheese Filled Baked Potato is served. [28 minutes]

  • Brioche Made Easy (#303)

    Recipes include Basic Brioche Dough, Brioche with Garlic Saucisson and Brioche Buns with Walnuts. [28 minutes]

  • Easy Frozen Desserts (#304)

    Chocolate Sorbet in White Chocolate Cups and Raspberry Frozen Yogurt are on the menu today. [28 minutes]

  • Ceviche Around The World (#305)

    Asian-Flavored Tuna Ceviche, Japanese Ceviche with Halibut and Spanish-Flavored Samon Ceviche. [27 minutes]

  • Beef Bourguignon (#306)

    Chef Keller adds some terrific twists to this well-loved dish and then creates a unique variation. [27 minutes]

  • Seafood Sliders (#307)

    Double Salmon Slider with Mustard-Dill Sauce and Scallop Sliders with Bacon and Grilled Tomatoes. [28 minutes]

  • Small Bites, Big Flavors (#308)

    Crab and Avocado Sphere with Watermelon Gazpacho and Grilled Skirt Steak with Chimmichurri Sauce. [28 minutes]

  • Signature Burgers (#309)

    Today's menu includes Buffalo Burger and Beer-Battered Onion Rings with Spicy Aioli. [28 minutes]

  • Treasures of Provence: Eggplant & Tomatoes (#310)

    Fabulous dishes included Poor Man's Caviar and Eggplant, Pepper and Goat Cheese Stack. [28 minutes]

  • Beef Wellington (#311)

    Beef Wellington and Sauteed Vegetables with String Beans and Shiitakes are prepared. [28 minutes]

  • Halibut Two Ways (#312)

    Grilled Halibut in Barigoule and Red Wine Braised Halibut on a Bed of Endives and Mushrooms. [28 minutes]

  • Favorite French Salads (#313)

    Recipes include Poached Pear Tart with Rum-Flavored Almond Cream and Tartes aux Fruites. [28 minutes]

  • Veal for a Special Occasion (#314)

    Veal Loin Stuffed with Pancetta, Pistachios and Sweetbreads Affogato are prepared. [28 minutes]

  • Osso Bucco: Keller Style (#315)

    Chef Keller serves Osso Bucco, Glazed Vegetable Stew and Apple Tart Tatin. [28 minutes]

  • French-Style Fruit Tarts (#316)

    Poached Pear Tart with Rum-Flavored Almond Cream and Tarte aux Fruits are created. [28 minutes]

  • Vegetarian Favorites (#317)

    Alsatian Potato Pie and healthy and decadent Chocolate Quinoa Mousse are prepared. [28 minutes]

  • Stack It with Style (#318)

    Chef Keller creates Corn Pancakes and Seafood Stacks and Avocado, Crab and Tomato Stacks. [27 minutes]

  • Coq Au Vin (#319)

    From Chef Keller's classic repertoire comes Coq au Vin, the signature dish of many French bistros which is braised in rich red wine along with mushrooms and onions. Dessert is another classic: a Mille-feuille (Napoleon) layered with pastry cream, berries, and some delicate puff pastry. Coq au Vin; Mille-feuille (Napoleon). [28 minutes]

  • Fleur Tastings (#320)

    Chef Keller shows how to pack lots of punch and great flavors into small plates with three popular dishes from his restaurant, Fleur. Tuna Tacos; Slow-Cooked Smoky Baby Ribs; Beef Tartare. [28 minutes]

  • Burgers from a Master (#321)

    It's two special burgers from the Burger Bar, including a unique slider pairing buffalo meat and some succulent crab followed by a BLT burger made with turkey meat and topped with a spicy aioli. Buffalo Surf and Turf Slider; BLT Turkey Burger. [25 minutes]

  • Demystifying Duck Confit (#322)

    Many people love eating duck confit with its super succulent texture and flavor, but never tried to make it. Chef Keller shows us how to make it step-by-step at home and then uses the meat to create a beautiful terrine. Duck Confit; Duck and Pork Terrine with Pistachios. [27 minutes]

  • Sandwiches from Master Chefs (Part 1) (#323)

    Chef Keller asks his chef friends to create their favorite sandwiches. Chef Vincent Poussel of the famed Auerole restaurant in Las Vegas makes an unforgettable ham and cheese with home-cured ham on kalamata olive bread. Two-star Michelin Chef Julian Serrano uses chorizo and saffron aioli to spice up an egg sandwich. Home-Cured Ham and Cheese on Kalamata Olive Bread; Fried-Egg Sandwich with Chorizo, Padron Peppers and Saffron Aioli. [25 minutes]

  • Sandwiches from Master Chefs (Part 2) (#324)

    Today's show includes more great sandwiches from Chef Keller's master chef friends. First Rick Moonen makes a scrumptious sloppy joe with catfish and his own, very special barbecue sauce. Then star chef Shawn McClain takes burgers to a new level by combining Wagyu beef, short rib meat, goat cheese, and an artichoke-ham relish. Rick Moonen's Catfish Sloppy Joe; Shawn McClain's Mediterranean Burger. [28 minutes]

  • Romantic Feast (Part 1) (#325)

    Chef Keller makes the ultimate romantic dinner, starting with parsnip blinis, thin delicate pancakes topped with sour cream and caviar. Then it's a stunning version of lobster thermidor with a silky, creamy filling of lobster and vegetables. Parsnip Blini; Lobster Thermidor. [28 minutes]

  • Romantic Feast (Part 2) (#326)

    Next is the main course on Chef Keller's romantic dinner: a tender, succulent rack of lamb wrapped in a vegetable ragout and served with a mushroom polenta. Dessert is a decadent warm chocolate tart made with a dash of orange liqueur. Rack of Lamb Wrapped in Vegetable Ragout; Warm Chocolate Tart. [28 minutes]

  • Keller Family Treasures, Part 1 (#401)

    Stuffed Eggs with Smoked Salmon, Rabbit in Mustard Sauce and Mendiant/Henri's Bread Pudding. [27 minutes]

  • Keller Family Treasures, Part 2 (#402)

    Poached Leeks with Grandma's Light Mayonnaise and Fleischschnaka (Pasta Roulade) are prepared. [26 minutes]

  • Keller Family Treasures, Part 3 (#403)

    Celery Root, Apple and Walnut Salad, La Tourte de la Vallee de Munster and Black Forest Cake. [28 minutes]

  • Weekend Brunch (#404)

    Chantal's Pitcher of Cosmopolitans and Baked Potato Shells Stuffed with Scrambled Eggs are served. [26 minutes]

  • Weekend Entertaining (#405)

    Recipes include Raw Asparagus, Radish and Shiitake Mushroom Salad and Braised Flat Iron Steak. [28 minutes]

  • Brioche Made Easy (#406)

    Chef Keller creates Brioche Bretzel with a cream filling and mouth-watering Beignets. [28 minutes]

  • Remembering Paul Haeberlin (#407)

    Classic Salmon Souffle, Lamb in Hay and Winter Vegetable Ragout are prepared with Paul Haeberlin. [28 minutes]

  • Cooking with Squab (#408)

    Marinated Squab Breasts en Crepinettes with Juniper and Red Wine Sauce and Orange Tartlets are made. [28 minutes]

  • Sports Bar Favorites (#414)

    Nampol Meesa's Chicken Wings, Hubert Keller's Sliders and Fried Mac 'n Cheese Balls are served. [29 minutes]

  • Modern French Cuisine (#415)

    Crab and Black Truffle Cappuccino and Buffalo New York Strip Steaks with Coffee-Spice Rub are made. [29 minutes]

  • Gravlax In Three Easy Steps (#416)

    Chef Keller uses Gravlax for dishes including classic Salmon, Salmon Tartare and Salmon Stacks. [29 minutes]

  • Ice Cream Cakes (#417)

    Chef Keller prepares two luscious ice cream cakes, Baked Alaska and Vacherin Glace. [29 minutes]

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