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Doc Martin

Better The Devil (#401)

Martin's dreams of the future are turned upside-down when Louisa returns to Portwenn with big news. [46 minutes] TV-PG Closed Captioning

This episode has not aired in the past few months on Iowa Public Television.

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Series Description: DOC MARTIN is a catchy comedy drama that stars Martin Clunes (Men Behaving Badly) as Martin Ellingham, whose truculence and tactless manner causes mayhem in a small Cornish community. The series details the trials and tribulations of the brash Ellingham, once a celebrated London surgeon who left his job after developing a phobia to blood. After retraining as a general practitioner, he gets a job in the beautiful but sleepy village of Portwenn, replacing their deceased local doctor-but his abrasive personality doesn't exactly mesh with the pace of life in Cornwall.

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  • Going Bodmin (#101)

    As Martin moves in, he realizes that adjusting to village life is not going to be smooth sailing. [47 minutes]

  • Gentlemen Prefer (#102)

    When Martin fires Elaine for her inefficiency, he becomes universally disliked in the village. [46 minutes]

  • Sh*T Happens (#103)

    Dr. Martin announces on his new radio show that there is something dangerous in the public pool. [46 minutes]

  • The Portwenn Effect (#104)

    Martin makes a house call to the park ranger, who introduces him to a six-foot, red squirrel. [47 minutes]

  • Of All the Harbors in All the Towns (#105)

    An old flame of Aunt Joan sails back into her life, but Martin discovers he is seriously ill. [46 minutes]

  • Haemophobia (#106)

    Gossip about Martin's blood phobia seems to have spread around the village like wild fire. [47 minutes]

  • Old Dogs (#201)

    Dr. Martin Ellingham is still as clumsy as ever when it comes to forming relationships with women. [46 minutes]

  • In Loco (#202)

    Louisa seeks a promotion at the Portwenn School. Bert Large is testing out his culinary skills. [46 minutes]

  • Blood Is Thicker (#203)

    Bert Large has been hiding a secret from his son Al that threatens to jeopardize their relationship. [46 minutes]

  • Aromatherapy (#204)

    Local radio host Caroline Bosman may have a drinking problem. Martin tends to stinky Vernon Cooke. [46 minutes]

  • Always on My Mind (#205)

    Phil Pratt accuses the doctor of killing his wife Helen when he comes to their house to treat her. [46 minutes]

  • The Family Way (#206)

    The doctor is puzzled when his parents, whom he hasn't spoken to in years, make a surprise visit. [46 minutes]

  • Out of the Woods (#207)

    Soon to be married Mark Mylow gets lost in the woods with his best man and receives an adder bite. [46 minutes]

  • Erotomania (#208)

    Graham Orchard, a Salvation Army member, arrives in Portwenn to try to trace a missing woman. [49 minutes]

  • On the Edge (1 of 2) (#301)

    Martin fails to restart his relationship with Louisa. Her father Terry plans to smuggle explosives. [44 minutes]

  • On the Edge (2 of 2) (#302)

    Martin fails to restart his relationship with Louisa. Her father Terry plans to smuggle explosives. [48 minutes]

  • The Apple Doesn't Fall (#303)

    The doctor learns that the new police officer has narcolepsy. Bert Large is having a midlife crisis. [46 minutes]

  • Movement (#304)

    Bert Large opens his own restaurant, but things go wrong when people complain of food poisoning. [45 minutes]

  • City Slickers (#305)

    A family from the city seeks a new life by the sea and sets out to disrupt Portwenn's tranquility. [45 minutes]

  • The Admirer (#306)

    Louisa discovers she has a rival for Doc Martin's affections, a glamorous divorcee and hotel owner. [46 minutes]

  • The Holly Bears a Prickle (#307)

    While on their first date, Doc Martin makes an inappropriate remark and Louisa ends their affair. [46 minutes]

  • Nowt So Queer (#308)

    Portwenn is buzzing with the news of the engagement of Dr. Martin and Headmistress Louisa Glasson. [46 minutes]

  • Happily Ever After (#309)

    Martin has the dilemma of finding a replacement vicar three hours before his wedding to Louisa. [47 minutes]

  • Uneasy Lies The Head (#402)

    Martin struggles to deal with the news of Louisa's pregnancy and meets her strange Headmaster. [46 minutes]

  • Perish Together As Fools (#403)

    Louisa has a medical scare and Martin diagnoses officer Penhale's brother Sam with an illness. [46 minutes]

  • Driving Mr. McLynn (#404)

    Martin applies for a job in London and learns Louisa has applied to be her school's head teacher. [45 minutes]

  • The Departed (#405)

    On the ride back from a job interview in London, one of Martin's patients dies in the next seat. [46 minutes]

  • Midwife Crisis (#406)

    Martin meets the midwife who will be looking after Louisa and the two of them do not hit it off. [45 minutes]

  • Do Not Disturb (#407)

    Martin deals with the victim of an accident without hesitation, proving his blood phobia is cured. [46 minutes]

  • The Wrong Goodbye (#408)

    Martin is busy with patients on his last day in town. After a car accident, Louisa goes into labor. [46 minutes]

  • Preserve The Romance (#501)

    Dr. Martin Ellingham struggles to come to terms with fatherhood as his life changes dramatically. [46 minutes]

  • Dry Your Tears (#502)

    Determined to get to grips with fatherhood, Martin asks Louisa to move into his house. [46 minutes]

  • Born with a Shotgun (#503)

    Tempers are frayed as Martin and Louisa try to find ways to comfort their constantly wailing baby. [46 minutes]

  • Mother Knows Best (#504)

    Louisa's mother arrives in Portwenn unexpectedly and Louisa is far from happy about her arrival. [46 minutes]

  • Remember Me (#505)

    Martin and Louisa's baby still doesn't have a name. P.C. Joe Penhale's ex-wife Maggie visits. [46 minutes]

  • Don't Let Go (#506)

    Joe Penhale is desperate to keep his ex-wife Maggie. Tension is mounting between Louisa and Martin. [46 minutes]

  • Cats and Sharks (#507)

    Martin plans to leave Portwenn to resume his career as a surgeon after his baby's christening. [46 minutes]

  • Ever After (#508)

    Mrs. Tishell's long-standing crush on Dr. Martin Ellingham takes a dramatic turn. [46 minutes]

  • Sickness and Health (#601)

    Portwenn is buzzing about the wedding of the Doc and Louisa. Will they finally tie the knot? [48 minutes]

  • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? (#602)

    Martin and Louisa host a disastrous dinner party and Morwenna advertises for a lodger. [48 minutes]

  • The Tameness of a Wolf (#603)

    Ruth is invited on Radio Portwenn and attracts an admirer. Doc and Louisa find a replacement nanny. [48 minutes]

  • Nobody Likes Me (#604)

    Martin is coerced into taking James to playgroup and Ruth is having problems with her new neighbor. [47 minutes]

  • The Practice Around the Corner (#605)

    Mrs. Tishell returns to the village. Martin has to work out what is wrong with beachcomber Lorna. [47 minutes]

  • Hazardous Exposure (#606)

    Martin's mother returns to Portwenn with some interesting news. Bert has a question for Jennifer. [47 minutes]

  • Listen with Mother (#607)

    Martin reluctantly agrees to help Louisa hand out awards at her school's sports day. [48 minutes]

  • Departure (#608)

    Louisa has shocking news for Martin and Bert and Jennifer's party goes off with a bang. [47 minutes]

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  • Episode #703

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  • Episode #704

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  • Episode #705

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  • Episode #706

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  • Episode #707

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  • Episode #708

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