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Algebra Nspirations & Applications

Algebra Nspirations & Applications

This brilliant series, developed by math experts, integrates guided instruction through Algebraic processes with real life applications of these operations, taking students step-by-step through key curricular topics, illustrating how these processes are used in scientific, technological, finance and other practical applications.

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  • Linear Functions, Equations & Graphs (#101)

    This program explores the nature of linear functions and real world application examples of the linear functions. All examples are solved algebraically and then reinforced through the use of the TI - Nspire graphing technology. [22 minutes]

  • Quadratic Functions, Equations & Graphs (#102)

    This program explores the nature of quadratic functions and three real-world explorations. All examples are solved graphically using the TI - Nspire graphing technology. [26 minutes]

  • Variables, Equations & Functions (#103)

    This program explores two principal equations, linear and quadratic with real-world applications, and answers fundamental questions about the nature of Algebra using the TI-Nspire to help solve the problems. [25 minutes]

  • Inequalities: Solving Linear Inequalities (#104)

    This program explores one of Algebra's fundamental building blocks, inequalities. Concepts of equations and inequalities, as well as real-world contexts are discussed in this program including solving problems using the TI-Nspire. [27 minutes]

  • Relations & Functions (#105)

    This program explores the definition of a function and distinguishes the concept of function from a general relation. Examples use real-world applications and TI-Nspire to help solve function problems. [27 minutes]

  • Exponents & Exponential Functions (#106)

    Exploring data analysis, regression analysis and probability by utilizing the TI-Nspire calculator. [27 minutes]

  • Data Analysis and Statistics (#107)

    Understanding and exploring exponential notation using the TI-Nspire calculator. Calculating the magnitude of the Sichuan earthquake using exponential models. [32 minutes]

  • Solving Systems of Equations (#108)

    Reviewing the concept of inverse variation and exploring Boyle's law. Rational functions graphs are demonstrated using the TI-Nspire calculator. [28 minutes]

  • Rational Functions (#109)

    Introducing the systems of linear equations with two or three unknowns using a variety of methods to solve these systems. Using Algebraic systems of equations, students can solve Economics, Social Studies, and Physics problems. [29 minutes]

  • Logarithms & Logarithmic Functions (#110)

    Explore the historical invention of logarithms. Using the TI-Nspire calculator students can simulate the decibel level as a function to determine the range where sound heard is most harmful for human hearing. [31 minutes]

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