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Local, USA

Head Trauma at War (#104)

Examine the links between traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder, and the damage they can do. [26 minutes] Closed Captioning

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Series Description: Local, USA features fascinating stories of diverse people, culled from public television stations and independent producers from across the country, and curated around a single theme for each program.

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  • Through the Past (#101)

    Wherever we go, the past is never far behind. From Chicago, Illinois to Lincoln, Nebraska and Weston, Florida to Toledo, Ohio, Local, USA explores four stories connecting us to times gone by: a family business that started a fast food innovation; a muralist who keeps the iconic images of yesteryear around for generations to come; the revelation of an artist and his work through letters; and the fragility of life is examined through the memories we keep, and the ones we forget. [26 minutes]

  • Sense of Place (#102)

    Finding a sense of place...and purpose in four stories: a young Memphis girl seeks solace and safety in her favorite hiding place; a family of native descent returns to Lincoln, Nebraska, the land of their forefathers to learn about the past and connect with the present; a whimsical artist who has worked for 35 years creating a visual feast of his most cherished sites throughout San Francisco; a silent film star in Seattle tours the world he knows; and a lifelong Chicagoan sees his town in a whole new way thanks to a theatre group from the other side of the world. [26 minutes]

  • Finding One's Voice (#103)

    Searching for an artistic voice and a way of expressing oneself. An autistic artist in New Jersey finds the best tools to communicate his wonderful works of art -- despite barely uttering a word -- and a young Chicago prodigy connects with her inner performer and discovers her electrifying voice. [26 minutes]

  • Native American Culture (#105)

    Three stories about the modern Native American culture: A look at how climate change is effecting a Pacific Northwest tribe known as the "Salmon People" and how science can help find a solution; the Lincoln, Nebraska rock star artist who's creating sculptures, linking the past to the present; and the fight an Oklahoma tribe tries to revive their fading language. [26 minutes]

  • Defying Disabilities (#106)

    Three stories question the limits of any disability: a loving marriage in New York City; a volunteer program that introduces unlikely candidates to surfing on the North Shore of Hawaii; and a blind North Carolina hiker sets out to climb the Appalachian Trail. [26 minutes]

  • Beehive Spirits (#107)

    Utah is not exactly the first place you think of when talking about alcohol & liquor. But since the early days of prohibition, "The Beehive State" has a unique foray into distilling spirits. We retrace Utah's fight for and against alcohol with a look at the characters keeping it alive today. [27 minutes]

  • Death and Dying (#108)

    An uplifting meditation on death and dying with stories with stories of an embalmer in Toledo, Ohio; a New York City hospice volunteer; a dying Brooklyn woman; and an urban philosopher in Memphis, Tennessee. [27 minutes]

  • Social Media (#109)

    We get social, with social media! Finding the people using social media to change the world. The Chicago painting duo, who use Twitter to reward treasure hunters; documentary cameras hit the streets of Raleigh-Durham, NC, to ask how social media influenced the 2012 presidential election; a look at what happens when an entire generation of Instagram users get together with their cameras on the beaches of Santa Monica, California; and how Facebook helped to make a young Los Angeleno boy's dream come true. [27 minutes]

  • Poetry in Motion (#110)

    Poetry with a kick! The words, sounds and people that bring poetry to life: a painful story about bullying; powerful memories of a soon-to-be demolished housing project; inaccurate assumptions about a pretty face; coming to terms and acceptance with loss; and the melting pot of identity politics. Five pieces from cities across the USA, including San Francisco, Detroit, Chicago and Minneapolis, that are connected by the rhythm of words and the search for identity. [27 minutes]

  • Urban Gardening (#111)

    Sowing the Seeds of Change... planting ideas for sustainability and self-sufficiency. You might think of it as a Midwest rust belt town, but community gardeners in Flint, Michigan are undergoing a variety of projects and planting the seeds of hope for economic revitalization. From green belts to green thumbs -- a couple works with children to hone their martial arts and gardening skills; and two women toil with the local Flint government to get their garden growing. [27 minutes]

  • Living the Dream (#112)

    Living the life! Whether it's in the cozy confines or your own home, or venturing out to find your calling in the big wide world - four subjects in pursuit of their dreams. An array of Airstream enthusiasts in Colorado have their own rules for the road; an unlikely roper from Lafayette, Louisiana hopes to lasso himself a winner; a Brooklyn, New York collector with an eye for the unusual finds beauty in found objects and a decorated war veteran returns to pursue his gridiron goals at Clemson University in South Carolina. [27 minutes]

  • Drive Like a Girl (#113)

    "Drive Like A Girl" follows New York's champion all-girls robotics team, The Iron Maidens, just one year after they beat more than 60 male-dominated teams in a regional competition. Though they advanced to the national stage in Atlanta, Ga., they lost before winning it all. Now, they've returned for another shot at the title. They had six weeks to design, program and build a robot alongside their brother team and one of their competitors, the Sciborgs. The struggles they face reveal what it takes to be a group of girls excelling at a boys' game and their successes are a glimpse at the changing roles of females in science and technology. [26 minutes]

  • Hunger in America (#114)

    Food insecurities and portraits of the hungry in America; the ironic story of Californian farmers who don?t have enough to eat; a suburban Chicago family feeling the economic pinch at the dinner table; and big city food deserts. [26 minutes]

  • Immigration: Home (#115)

    The immigration trail to Nashville, Tennessee; Bhutan refugees who come for religious freedom; the relocation and adaptation of Somalians; and the flourishing professionals in the Kurdish community. [26 minutes]

  • Immigration: On the Border (#116)

    Stories from Arizona and California. Issues on immigration - from both sides of the fence; the treacherous conditions migrants face while trying to cross into the United States;danger for the children of immigrants who are left behind; and the vigilante Americans who patrol the border. [26 minutes]

  • Caring at the End (#117)

    Stories from North Carolina, California, and Ohio. As our loved ones near the end of their lives, the difficulty in comforting them reverberates in the lives of family members, caretakers, and communities: a woman with young children of her own must find balance as she cares for her ailing mother; a look at the intimate bond between patient and caretaker; the story of a man who personifies "in sickness and in health"; and how the power of music can awaken sleeping minds. [26 minutes]

  • Harnessing The Sun (#118)

    The story of America's solar industry, and the promise of solar today and tomorrow: the rise and fall of the 1970s American solar energy program; a non-profit dedicated to providing low income families with solar panels; the Seattle company that built "the world's greenest office building"; and the creative couple in Idaho blazing new solar paths for America's highways. [26 minutes]

  • Building An Identity (#119)

    As the Asian American population in the United States rises, so do their questions about their place in America; a Japanese-Filipino man narrates the story of his "becoming American"; a group of mixed race professionals is New York address issues of identity and acceptance; and new mothers try to balance their old heritage with their new culture. [26 minutes]

  • PTSD: Bringing the War Home (#120)

    An examination of the terrifying syndrome that's all too common among U.S. veterans returning from combat zones: a devastating injury pushes one former soldier into the dark; the family of a Navy Seal tells his tragic story; a woman rebuilds her post-war life; and a program at the City College of San Francisco committed to rehabbing veterans. [26 minutes]

  • American Graduate Week: Beyond The Classroom (#121)

    Beyond the Classroom features "America's Heartland: Young Farmers" (KVIE), a unique partnership between a high school and Future Farmers of America, "North Carolina Now: Harnett Central Fire Academy" (UNC-TV), high school students are taking classes to become certified fire fighters, "Connecting Point: Franklin County Tech" (WGBY), a profile of a technical high school where vocational training is re-engineered, "Arizona Education: Specialty Schools" (KAET), a look at STEM-based high schools, and "Career Lab/Youth Employment" (DPTV), the positive impact summer jobs have on young adults and their community. [26 minutes]

  • Fishing Pono (#122)

    The story of Native Hawaiians on the island of Moloka?i who are using ancient conservation methods to restore fisheries in the waters of their island. Featuring lifelong fisherman Kelson 'Mac' Poepoe, and directed by award-winning helmer Mary Lambert, Fishing Pono's graphic images of the commercial exploitation of Pacific fisheries leaves no room for doubt that current practices are unsustainable and will leave nothing for future generations. Mr. Poepoe's fishing conservation program on Molokai, based on historical practices, is an inspiring story of how one community turned the tide on a seemingly doomed resource. [27 minutes]

  • Breadfruit & Open Spaces (#123)

    A profile of the struggle of a group of Pacific Islander immigrants from the Federated States of Micronesia who are now living on Guam as they struggle to hold their ground and find a voice on a new island, while maintaining ties to their families on their home island of Chuuk. The film is shot in an intimate, backyard style and gives a rare look into the personal lives of Pacific Islander immigrants who work and attend school on Guam and enjoy living in open spaces where families gather and traditional foods are grown. These new migrants are living a dream come true. They moved to Guam determined to find work and to send their children to "American" schools, and they have worked hard to purchase land where they can build homes and plant crops for their families. Because of this, they are devastated when the Guam Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) threatens to evict them. With their new livelihood at stake, the residents organize and fight back. [29 minutes]

  • Immigration: Language (#124)

    Language creates barriers and opportunities for refugees and immigrants in Tennessee, from a mobile ESL classroom, to Spanish-language newspapers, to "English Only" laws. Episode features "Community," which explores the challenges associated with Nashville's increasing multi-culturalism, and celebrates the rewards stemming from that diversity, and "Hablamos Espa?ol," a profile of Nashville's Hispanic community, from Nashville Public Television's series Next Door Neighbors. [29 minutes]

  • Stories from the Classroom (#201)

    Three short documentaries featuring unique stories from emerging Latino filmmakers: The Smallest Step animates 3D modeled avatars of diverse high school students against real world backdrops; Overcomers highlights two teenagers succeeding despite the odds stacked against them; and Every Girl Matters looks at an all-girls Catholic high school with a 100 percent graduation and college acceptance rate. [26 minutes]

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