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Iowa's Simple Pleasures (#103)

See the abundant beauty of magnificent Madison County; enjoy outstanding prairie-style cuisine in Orange City; learn to rock climb at Pictured Rocks County Park in Monticello; and mosey through the Shimek State Forest in Farmington on horseback. Hosted by Dan Kaercher.

Madison County tourism: Madison County, Winterset
Picturesque, charming and romantic are words used to describe Madison County where there is so much to see and learn!

Blue Mountain Culinary Emporium: Sioux County, Orange City
You’ll get much more than a gourmet meal at this Orange City restaurant. It’s like a visit to another world.

Rock Climbing at Pictured Rocks: Jones County, Monticello
Some of Dan’s adventures have required a real “you can do it” type attitude. This one in Jones County is no exception.

Westercamp’s Rent-A-Horse: Van Buren County, Farmington
Dan enjoyed a tour of Shimek State Forest in Van Buren County on horseback thanks to Westercamp’s Rent-A-Horse.


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