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Raccoon Ridge Archery, Stuart, Iowa

Join host Dan Kaercher as he hits the great Iowa outdoors and some 3D targets on an archery range in Stuart.

Dan Kaercher:  I know have something in common with Cupid and William Tell, and you can too if you visit an archery range.  I am here at Raccoon Ridge Archery in Stuart to pick up some pointers and discover why so many Iowans enjoy this sport. 

 Linda Thompson:  Oh, I really like being in the outdoors and the woods and I like going with Gary and we go out.  And we had already purchased this 40 acres and we were wondering what we could do with it and he said well, we can make it into an archery course and it -.  From there we started in 1998 and it is just been going ever since. 

 Gary Thompson:  We have people come in the dead of winter, in July when it is hotter than blazes and - so yeah, it is open year round.  I would say the two bigger sections are probably close to a half mile by the time you go back and forth.  The course flows through the timber.  We have got three different sections here.  We're on the first section, 28 targets made of a product they call ethafoam, you shoot it with an arrow with the target points, it heals.  Try to make everything so when you shoot a target you move away from it.  Safety reasons.  It would take one person about approximately about an hour and half to go through the section.  The course is open all year round.  Love to see the ladies come out.  We have classes for clubs, traditional release shooters, finger shooters, there is about six or seven different classes we provide for each tournament. 

 Dan Kaercher:  Now that I know about the course I need to get some practice in.  Out in front I put that finger down.  Ok.  Now. 

Gary Thompson:  Got her. 

 Dan Kaercher:  No fair.  My arrow bounced.  You set that up!  Hey, I am not too bad.  We are going to head out into the timber, shoot a round of archery and see if I can catch any game.  What can I say?  Where do I get my medal?  Whoa.  Well, Gary it looks like I landed right in the head and neck area and I tried to knock the horn loose.  Tell me how does scoring work?

Gary Thompson:  Well, every target will have three different rings here.  This one right here on the out represents the eight ring.  The lung area which this would be an eight.  This ring here is the ten area.  This arrow here would be a ten.  This arrow here - shot.  This small ring on the inside of the 12 ring.  And anything outside of those is a six. 

Dan Kaercher:  So, I would be a six with both of mine.

 Gary Thompson:  Right you got two sixes. 

 Dan Kaercher:  Ok, I am just glad I hit the animal. 

 Gary Thompson:  Yeah.

 Dan Kaercher:  Maybe my aim could improve.  Archery is a great sport for anyone who wants to improve their hunting skills or is just looking for a little exercise and fun.  The best part is that you can do it alone, with a group of friends, or as a family outing.  I can't wait to come back and play again.

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