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Video: Iowa Ingredient

Iowa Ingredient

Explore the farms, restaurants, and ingredients that make Iowa food uniquely Iowan. Host Charity Nebbe takes viewers on a journey to discover flavorful Iowa ingredients. From apples to spinach to rhubarb and herbs, each episode features a single Iowa ingredient and treats viewers to a spectacular trip from the farm to the table. Explore where these delectable ingredients are grown in Iowa, learn more about some talented chefs who use local ingredients, and join Charity in the kitchen to savor some delicious recipes.


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  • Iowa Ingredient | Tomatoes (#402)

    Full Program: It’s hard to beat the taste of a freshly-picked vine ripe tomato in the middle of summer. Tomatoes come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and the flavors can be just as varied and... 28:47

  • Iowa Ingredient Family Holiday Special (#401)

    Full Program: Celebrate the holidays with Iowa Ingredient as we gather together some of our Iowa Public Television "family" to cook dishes inspired by their holiday traditions. Dean Borg, Dan Wardell, and Mike... 28:20

  • Iowa Ingredient | State Fair Special (#311) (#311)

    Full Program: If there’s one thing the Iowa State Fair is known for, it’s the food. From corndogs to turkey drumsticks, everyone has a State Fair food favorite. On this special episode of Iowa Ingredient, host... 27:53

  • Iowa Ingredient | Maytag Blue Cheese (#310) (#310)

    Full Program: Acclaimed by cheese experts and foodies as one of America's finest blue cheeses, Maytag Blue Cheese is indeed one of the world's great cheeses. On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Chairty Nebbe to... 27:51

  • Iowa Ingredient | Squash (#309) (#309)

    Full Program: A cousin of the cucumber, and even the melon, the squash is a fall staple in many Iowa homes. On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe to learn more about squash. We’ll visit Hawk Valley... 28:46

  • Iowa Ingredient | Peppers (#308) (#308)

    Full Program: From sweet and mellow to blistering hot, peppers take on a range of flavors. They’re easy to grow in Iowa’s fertile soil; you can freeze, can them, and they can be used in a variety of recipes.... 27:16

  • Iowa Ingredient | Trout (#307) (#307)

    Full Program: Most seafood is at its best when it’s prepared and served as soon as possible. Being in the middle of the country, it can be hard to get a hold of fresh seafood in Iowa unless its flown in. But... 28:46

  • Iowa Ingredient | Eggs (#305) (#305)

    Full Program: Farm-fresh eggs have gorgeous orange yolks and a delicious, rich flavor. They’re high in protein, packed with vitamin-D, and can be the essential ingredient to countless recipes. On this episode... 28:47

  • Iowa Ingredient | Walnuts (#304) (#304)

    Full Program: Visit a neighborhood backyard in Iowa, and chances are pretty good that you’ll find walnut trees. On this Iowa Ingredient, join host Charity Nebbe to learn more about this local nut. We’ll visit... 28:47

  • Iowa Ingredient | Beets (#303) (#303)

    Full Program: These earthy vegetables come in unexpected colors with very distinct flavors. Beets are perhaps one of the most polarizing foods available. Everyone has their own opinion. On this Iowa... 27:46

  • Iowa Ingredient | Strawberries (#302) (#302)

    Full Program: Vibrant in color and sweet in flavor, strawberries are a quintessential treat. Before farm fresh produce was available year around in Iowa, strawberries were the sweetheart of summer. Join host... 28:47

  • Iowa Ingredient | Winter Holiday Special (#301) (#301)

    Full Program: Iowa Ingredient brings local home for the holidays in this special episode. Host Charity Nebbe explores the inspiring kitchens, winter gardens and the landscape right outside our back door to... 28:27

  • Iowa Ingredient | Chestnuts (#206) (#206)

    Full Program: Rich in flavor and, unlike other nuts, low in calories, chestnuts are a popular cool season treat. Take a tour of Red Fern Farm outside of Wapello with host Charity Nebbe. The farm specializes in a... 27:37

  • Iowa Ingredient | Eggplant (#205) (#205)

    Full Program: Don’t be fooled by this unassuming fruit. With its mild flavor and range of uses, eggplant is a food for culinary inspiration. Accompany host Charity Nebbe on her journey through Iowa farms,... 28:45

  • Iowa Ingredient | Heavy Cream (#204) (#204)

    Full Program: Rich, buttery, and essential for any number of dishes, heavy cream adds so much to so many delectable dishes. On her tour of Iowa farms, host Charity Nebbe takes in the sights of Picket Fence... 28:47

  • Iowa Ingredient | Herbs (#203) (#203)

    Full Program: Herbs play a major role in culinary cuisine. From chives to mint, every herb helps add complexity to the aroma and taste of almost every dish. Join host Charity Nebbe as she learns more about some... 28:30

  • Iowa Ingredient | Pork (#106) (#106)

    Full Program: It’s the Iowa staple, but what about pork makes it one of the most savory ingredients in cuisine? On this Iowa Ingredient, Charity Nebbe visits one northwest Iowa pork producing farm that focuses on... 28:30

  • Iowa Ingredient | Blueberries (#105) (#105)

    Full Program: Antioxident-rich, low in fat, and downright scrumptious, blueberries are the ideal treat. On her search for distinctive Iowa foods, host Charity Nebbe explores how blueberries are grown and used in... 27:16

  • Iowa Ingredient | Gouda (#104) (#104)

    Full Program: The cheese making process is part art and part science, especially for Gouda cheese. On this episode of Iowa Ingredient, host Charity Nebbe learns more about the rich and flavorful characteristics... 28:16

  • Iowa Ingredient | Spinach (#103) (#103)

    Full Program: An ingredient that’s not just for Popeye anymore, spinach is loaded with green goodness. In fact, it’s difficult to overestimate the nutritional powerhouse that is spinach. Join host Charity Nebbe... 26:46

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Displaying 1 to 20 of 24 results.

Show: All Video | Full Programs Only